Breakouts with NetApp, Cisco, Microsoft & Redhat

Breakouts with NetApp, Cisco, Microsoft & Redhat

Five exciting 40 minute breakouts will be held repeatedly between 11:00 – 14:15 to give everyone the chance to attend all sessions. 

SAP Data Hub – Freedom of Data in a Diverse Landscape | SAP

SAP Data Hub is a data operations (DataOps) management solution that enables the agile management of data in a diverse landscape across the organization. It’s an enterprise-ready solution that provides governance and orchestration for data refinement, and enrichment, using visual pipelines of data processing operators including complex tasks such as machine learning.

Speaker: Jürgen Hamm | NetApp and Kay Patzwald | SAP

Real Live SAP hybrid cloud scenarios with Azure and NetApp | NetApp / Microsoft

This session will demonstrate how SAP customers can extend their operations into the cloud using NetApp Data Fabric. We will discuss the different use cases for running SAP in the cloud on NetApp technology, covering Cloud Volumes Service, Cloud Volumes ONTAP , NetApp Private Storage and HANA Large Instances.

Speaker: Tobias Brandl | NetApp and Bernd Herth | NetApp

SAP HANA on NetApp – a winning team | NetApp

In this session we will demonstrate how NetApp help SAP and explicitly SAP HANA customers to improve their daily operation, reduce administration costs, streamline their ITSM processes and how this will improve the overall IT governance. Using SnapCenter, we will demonstrate an automated SAP HANA system copy in less than 30 minutes. Finally we will show methods to leverage the advantages of hosting SAP HANA systems in hybrid cloud environments. On the one hand for disaster recovery solutions and on the other hand to benefit of rapid system deployment including pay-per-use models of public cloud resources.

Speaker: Holger Zecha | NetApp and Michael Schlosser | NetApp 

Running Enterprise Grade Kubernetes for SAP Data Hub with Cisco Container Platform on FlexPod | Cisco

Data is the new oil of the digital economy. But data is getting more complex and more heterogeneous. It is stored in different places; its volume is growing by the day and customers need to orchestrate and integrate data lakes and data streams with enterprise systems to drive business value. This is especially true for IoT sensor data where an enormous volume of data is arriving in an extreme velocity and with a high diversity. It requires a seamless interplay of powerful hardware and sophisticated software to overcome those challenges and to enable analytics on big data streams in enterprise-scale environments. In this talk you will learn about how SAP, Cisco and NetApp envision to jointly tackle these important tasks with running SAP’s novel data orchestration and refinery – SAP Data Hub – with the Cisco Container Platform on FlexPod.

Speaker: Tjerk Bijlsma | Cisco

How to accelerate innovation and simplify SAP operations | RedHat

Digital transformation is a strategic imperative for companies across industries. It encompasses key areas such as modernizing core infrastructure, exploiting cloud capabilities, leveraging big data, developing and deploying applications faster than ever before, and discovering new business models with the Internet of Things Red Hat provides companies with an approach to execute their digital strategy while offering solutions that increases uptime, flexibility and cost efficiency and at the same time enables IoT use cases with SAP HANA and SAP Leonardo and powers SAP Data Hub for big data integration projects.

Speaker: Wolfgang Bausch | RedHat